Rocketry Terms


It is the highest point reached by the object. Read more.

Flight Angle

It is the angle the rocket makes with the ground during launch. Read more.


It is the height of the object above sea level. Read more.

Ground Station

A ground station is a ground-based installation or computer software used to communicate with airborne vehicles. Read more.


It is the term used for remote measurement and data collection. Read more.


TWR is the abbreviation used instead of “Thrust-to-weight ratio”. can be translated as weight-to-thrust ratio. Read more.

Engine Thrust Value

It is a measure of the thrust force produced by an engine. Read more.


Isp refers to the specific thrust of the rocket engine. Read more.


DV means the change in speed, it is equal to the difference between the final speed and the initial speed in the desired range. Read more.


They are aerodynamic vehicles that gain the ability to move in the opposite direction by expelling the fuel from the tip with a certain force. Read more.

Model Rocket

They are simple and low-cost rockets produced for specific purposes in the atmosphere at low altitudes that will not create orbit. Read more.

Center of Gravity

It is the geometric center point of the total weight of the object. Read more.

Center of Pressure

The center of pressure is the point where the resultant of the pressure forces applied to the surface of an object passes. Read more.


It is the name given to the force pushed back by the air as the rocket moves through the air. Read more.


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