What is a Rocket?

They are aerodynamic vehicles that gain the ability to move in the opposite direction by expelling the fuel from the tip with a certain force. It is a propulsion system that works on Newton’s action-reaction principle. The rocket engine produces high-pressure gases by converting chemical energy into heat. As these gases are expelled from the tip of the rocket, a reaction force occurs that causes the rocket to move in the opposite direction.


What is a Model Rocket?

They are simple and low-cost rockets produced for specific purposes in the atmosphere at low altitudes that will not create orbit.


Model Rocket Components:

Nose Cone
Body Tube
Recovery System
Avionics System
Motor Mount
Motor Retainer
Launch Lug


Rocket Types According to Their Fuels:


  • Solid-fuel rockets: In solid-fuel rockets, fuel, and oxidizer are present together and begin to burn when the rocket is ignited. Solid fuel rockets are the most commonly used type of rockets because they are simple and cheap.


  • Liquid fuel rockets: In liquid fuel rockets, fuel, and oxidizer are stored in separate tanks and sent to the combustion chamber through pumps when the rocket is ignited. Liquid fuel rockets can produce more thrust and be operated in a more controlled manner than solid fuel rockets.


  • Hybrid rockets: Hybrid rockets use a combination of solid and liquid fuel. Hybrid rockets offer a balance between the simplicity and cheapness of solid-fuel rockets and the power and controllability of liquid-fuel rockets.

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