Roket Components

Nose Cone

The nose cone is an aerodynamic component designed to reduce air resistance and minimize drag as the rocket ascends through the atmosphere. Read more

Body Tube

The body tube is the main structural element of the rocket that houses and protects internal components from external conditions and provides an aerodynamic shape to reduce drag. Read more


The parachute is an aerodynamic device used to slow down the descent of the rocket or its components to ensure a safe landing by reducing terminal velocity. Read more

Recovery System

The recovery system comprises mechanisms such as parachutes and drogues, designed to ensure that the rocket descends safely back to the ground, minimizing damage and facilitating reuse. Read more


The payload section is the part of the rocket that carries mission-specific cargo, which can include scientific instruments, satellites, or other equipment, designed to detach at a designated altitude to perform its mission. Read more

Avionics System

The avionics system includes all the electronic systems used for controlling the rocket’s operations, navigation, communication, and data collection, ensuring the rocket follows its predetermined path and completes its mission successfully. Read more


The coupler is an internal structural element used to join two segments of the body tube, providing stability and strength to the overall structure of the rocket. Read more

Motor Mount

The motor mount is a critical internal component that secures the rocket motor within the body tube, ensuring it stays in place during ignition and thrust, and efficiently transmits the generated thrust to propel the rocket. Read more


The fins are external aerodynamic surfaces attached to the lower section of the rocket body, providing stability and control during flight by stabilizing the rocket and counteracting any unwanted rotation or deviations. Read more


The motor is the propulsion unit of the rocket, generating the necessary thrust by combusting propellants to propel the rocket into flight. Read more

Motor Retainer

The motor retainer is a component used to secure the motor within the rocket body, ensuring it does not move or eject during flight, providing a safe and reliable mounting method. Read more

Launch Lug

The launch lug is an external guide attached to the rocket, designed to slide along a rail or rod on the launch pad, ensuring the rocket maintains the correct orientation and direction during the initial phase of launch. Read more


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