Motor Mount


What is a Motor Mount?

A motor mount is an internal support element used to prevent the movement of the rocket body during motor operation and to transmit the thrust of the motor to the rocket.


How to Design a Motor Mount?

Before designing a motor mount, the selection of the rocket motor to be used and the design of the rocket body are necessary. Because the motor mount is entirely related to the rocket body and the rocket motor. It is one of the most important parts of the rocket. Any error during the design phase will directly affect the flight of the rocket. During design, it must be proven that the motor mount can withstand the force of the rocket motor. Otherwise, the rocket can become a dangerous object. The general design involves fitting a block with the same geometry as a thick rocket body into the rocket body using an interference fit method and securing it to the rocket body with screws. Alternatively, adhesive can be used for bonding, but this method is not recommended for rockets reaching high speeds. The thickness, material, and screws used for the block are crucial. The chosen material must be suitable for screwing. The screws not only increase the strength of the block but also transmit the thrust of the motor to the rest of the rocket, so they should be tight and long.


Motor Mount Materials 

Various alternative materials can be used for the motor mount. The most common are wood materials. They are widely used because they are easy to work with and can be found in the desired thickness more readily compared to other materials. For more detailed information about materials and production methods, you can refer to the page on Materials Used in Model Rocketry.

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