Aviyonics system


What is an Avionics System?

The avionics system is a customized electronic system that enables the rocket to operate autonomously or under remote control to accomplish its mission. It is essential for ensuring that the rocket performs the right operations at the right time.


How to Design an Avionics System?

The design of the avionics system can be divided into two parts: electronic components and the structural part where these components will be placed. Before designing the electronic part, the operational concept of the rocket must be determined. Sensors and motors to be used according to the operational concept should be identified. Subsequently, an appropriate controller board compatible with the selected sensors and motors should be chosen. After selecting the sensors, motors, and controller boards, a power calculation should be performed to select the battery needed to power these components. Additionally, if wireless telemetry is to be implemented, proper calculations for link budget should be made, and the compatibility of the modules and batteries to be used should be determined. When selecting electronic components, attention should be paid to choosing optimal materials considering their dimensions and weights, as they will affect the aerodynamics of the rocket.

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