What is Apogee?

In model rocketry, the apex is the highest point during the rocket’s flight time.

Apogee varies depending on the rocket’s launch angle, rocket’s motor power, and air resistance.


To Plan The Apogee:

It is necessary to increase the launch angle of the rocket and the thrust power of the rocket’s motor.

Using this information you can calculate how high the rocket can reach.

With hill facilities, you can plan your rocket’s flight and fly it safely.


Factors In The Distribution Of The Apogee:

Launch Angle: As the rocket’s launch angle approaches 90, its peak also increases.

Motor Power: The power capability of the rocket’s engine increases at its peak.

Air Resistance: Air resistance decreases at its peak.


To Increase Apogee Up:

  • Increasing the launch angle of the rocket.
  • Use a more powerful engine.
  • Improve the aerodynamics of the rocket.


To Reduce Apogee:

  • Reducing the launch angle of the rocket.
  • Use a less powerful engine.
  • Worse the aerodynamics of the rocket.

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